Scott Countians Bring up Orascom Concerns

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SCOTT COUNTY - The Quad City Chamber of Commerce held an informational meeting Thursday night about the possibility of Orascom Construction Industries building a fertilizer facility there.

"Some of the people are against it," Scott County resident Elizabeth Bravery said.

The company is considering building a $1.3 billion fertilizer facility in between Davenport and Walcott. The plant would go up just across the street from the Nauman Sod Farm. The company would take up 318 acres of Scott County farm land.

"Taking 318 acres of farmland out of business?" Bravery said. "That's quite a chunk you know?"

200 people showed up to the informational meeting Thursday. Many needed help getting sold on the idea of having a fertilizer plant west of Davenport. That's why Stanley Consultants were on hand to answer questions.

"$1.3 billion would make this the largest private investment in Iowa history," Quad City Chamber of Commerce Economic Director Bill Martin said. "The company itself would have 165 jobs."

Many in the crowd worry about water contamination if the plant goes up right next to cornfields. Others also worry about traffic backups with fertilizer trucks going back and forth to the plant.

Scott County is trying to beat out Peoria, Illinois, Lee County, Iowa, and other places to get the factory. The chamber says Orascom could decide on where to build its plant by October.