Scammers target utility customers

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Several utility companies say scammers are telling customers they qualify for credits to their bill in an effort to steal customer money and identities.

Alliant Energy and MidAmerican Energy are among the Iowa utilities warning customers about the scam.

Scammers allegedly call, post flyers, use text or social media or even visit customers in person, telling customers they qualify for  credit offered by President Obama.  The customers are asked to add numbers from their Social Security number to a bank routing number to make a payment on their utility account. 

In Iowa, victims are often contacted by phone or customers hear about it by word-of-mouth. 

The Social Security information is enough to give thieves access to personal data.  The money is not applied to utility bills.

“Customers should only use authorized methods and legitimate banking information to pay their bills.  Credit card numbers and any personal information should not be provide to suspicious callers,” said a statement from the Iowa Utility Association.

If you’re contacted by scammers, you can report the contact to local law enforcement and to your utility provider.