Wind Fans Stir Up Controversy

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EAST MOLINE – Noise from breeze fans is causing a bit of controversy near the Short Hills Country Club.

The club recently bought the big fans to keep their grass neat and growing continuously. Nonetheless, the fan is so loud that it can be heard on 10th Street just behind the fifth hole.

“Our home was very quiet,” East Moline resident Kimberly Briggs said. “That’s one of the appealing things that we found about the home. One day the fans started up, and it sounded like a jet engine in our backyard.”

Short Hills did talk to News Eight off camera, saying it’s moved the fans around to keep them farther away from the Briggs home. Nonetheless, Briggs is still upset because the fans often go on even at night.

“It’s terrible to grow grass out here,” Briggs said. “You also expect them to follow the same rules that we have to follow by being East Moline citizens.”

Briggs did complain to the East Moline Police Department, but it did not tell Short Hills to turn off their fans because it didn’t feel like they were making enough noise. Briggs wants Short Hills to just use the fans during the day to treat their course instead of using them 24/7.

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