Police: Accused Iowa church burglar caught

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Police say a series of church burglaries are all linked to one Iowa man as the primary suspect.

James Jack Cowan, 46, of Waterloo, Iowa was charged with 12 counts of third-degree burglary, plus one count each of attempted third-degree burglary and second-degree burglary after he was booked into the Black Hawk County Jail May 22, 2012.

Cowan was still held in the jail July 3, 2012.

Cowan allegedly used a screwdriver to pry open office doors at churches, then searching the office cabinets for cash. 

Cowan allegedly got between $20 and $260 in most of the crimes, but he is accused of stealing more than $1,000 from one church in February 2012.

Cowan is accused of carrying out the burglaries at times when the churches were open to the public, including during Sunday services. 

Online public records show Cowan was appointed a public defender in the case and is set for trial August 7, 2012.

Cowan has previously faced theft or burglary charges in at least four different Iowa counties. 

Charged in Black Hawk County 5/22 with 3rd degree burglary and attempted 3rd degree burglary for which he has a public defender and is set for trial august 7

He has previously faced theft charges and burglary charges in at least four different counties in Iowa.