Holzman In Jail Just 24 Hours Before Being Released

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After being sentenced to three years behind bars Kristin Holzman spent just 24 hours in the Henry County Jail before being released.

Holzman's attorney Jack Schwartz tells us they've already filed an appeal for a new trial.

Friday evening Holzman's family posted $7,500 bond, and she got to walk free while Illinois courts process her appeal.

"Bond was posted. She's out, pending the outcome of the appeal. She's free to move about in any jurisdiction. There's no limitations at all," says Schwartz.

Schwartz says he's appealing for a new trial for a number of reasons, including pre-trial publicity. He's also appealing for a new sentence for Holzman saying the trial cost way more than she ever stole and three years in prison for theft is a punishment that does not fit the crime.

"This is a very expensive endeavor for a $16,000 theft for a non-violent first offender," says Schwartz.

Because of the backlog of cases in Illinois, processing Holzman's appeal is expected to be a long process; Schwartz estimates it could take up to three years before Holzman has to go before a judge.

Which means she could spend more time free on bond than she would have spent in prison.

"We'll file our brief, the state gets to file their brief, there may be issues the come up that require responses it could take a while," says Schwartz.

Many people are sure to be disappointed with the news the Kristin Holzman is free on bond. But everyone found guilty of a crime in the State of Illinois has a right to appeal the court's conviction regardless of the severity of their crime.

Her case will now be in the hands of an appellate court in Ottawa, Illinois.

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