Second-grader wins Clinton RAGBRAI art contest

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A second-grader from Camanche, Iowa won the Clinton RAGBRAI Children’s Art Contest.

The contest challenged young artists to create using the theme “Where the Rubber Meets the River” as inspiration. 

Jacob Schaver used mixed media, including pipe cleaners and magic markers, to create his winning work. 

Jacob’s art will be entered into the statewide contest.  The grand prize in the statewide contest is $350. 

Jacob was one of several kids, enrolled at the YWCA Fun in the Sun summer program, who entered artwork in the contest. 

Work by Gabby Armstrong took second place and Kyle Prince took third place in the Clinton RAGBRAI Children’s Art Contest. 

Artwork submitted by kids from the YWCA Fun in the Sun summer program will be on display Thursday, June 28 from 5 to 8 p.m. on the lower level of the Candlelight Inn in Clinton. 

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Kyle Prince (left) and Gabby Armstrong.  Photos from YWCA.