Biden Hits Davenport Unexpectedly

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DAVENPORT - Vice President Joe Biden made an unexpected visit Wednesday at the CASI or the (Center for Active Seniors).

The Vice President came down to Davenport Wednesday unexpectedly after talking to the Clinton Firefighter's Association in Clinton. The Obama for America campaign did not contact the media days ahead of time for Biden's visit to Davenport. That's because they wanted Biden to be able to talk with the elderly more on a "one on one" basis. Not even the workers inside CASI knew Biden was coming until the last minute.

"My boss came in," CASI worker Sarah Arp said. "He said, 'we have an unexpected visitor today.'"

Biden came to CASI around 3:30 Wednesday. The media was not allowed to ask questions. Members of the Obama campaign took reporters in a van over to the "undisclosed spot" earlier on in the day. Workers at CASI were only given about 30 minutes notice.

"He was very personable," Arp said of Biden. "He talked a lot in front of everybody, answered questions. He was very warming."

There were only about 15 people or so in the audience. Most of them were senior citizens. However, Biden even connected with young Arp.

"So he's like 'how old are you?' Biden said to Arp. "I said, 'I'm 23.' He says, 'don't get into a serious relationship until you're 30.'"

The Vice President mainly talked about social security and why the government needs to continue to invest in it. He also talked about why Medicare is so important for the elderly.

The quick turn around left no time for an opposition to protest the quick gathering. Critics say this was simply a campaign stunt. Iowa Republican Congressional candidate John Archer even weighed in, saying these kinds of visits are a waste of public employees time.

Sheriff deputies had to block off Kimberly Road to all traffic at 3:30 when Biden came in and 4:30 when Biden left. After that, the Vice President left the area from the Quad City International Airport. He's now on his way back to Washington D.C.

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