Sandusky’s son says his father abused him; case goes to jury

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Sources has confirmed that Jerry Sandusky's 33 year old adopted son Matt, until now his biggest supporter has turned on his dad and offered to testify that he was personally abused by Jerry.   

Matt's attorney releasing this statement late Thursday saying during trial, last Friday, he arranged "a meeting with prosecutors to disclose for the first in this case that he (Matt Sandusky) is a victim of Jerry Sandusky's abuse.

Matt took his own children to visit Jerry early in the case, over the objections of their mother. Matt was visibly present in the courtroom, supporting Sandusky from day one.  So why didn’t prosecutors call him to testify.

Sources familiar with the case tell ABC News,  Matt was waiting in the wings in case Sandusky decided to testifyand then could be used as a rebuttal witness.

"You put a witness up there on the witness stand they are up for strong cross examination because of prior inconsistent statements, first you say you weren't now you say you were, which ones the truth."

Matt first met Jerry at ten years old and moved in with the Sandusky's at 16, he tried to commit suicide 4 months later.  Legal experts say Matt may have been a difficult witness on his own, because he had repeatedly denied in the past any sexual abuse by his father.  Even when his birth mother Debra Long told ABC NEWS she had her suspicions and believed Matt was covering for Jerry.

“My son was afraid of Jerry.  If Jerry said don't talk, he didn’t talk.  It’s just sickening, I mean it’s the only way I can describe it.  How could you do that to a child?”

Sandusky faces 48 criminal counts involving 10 alleged victims.


Jim Availa of ABC News contributed to this story.