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Locals Talk Bullying Prevention

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PRIMGHAR, Iowa - Authorities said Tuesday there is not enough evidence to prosecute anyone in the death of 14-year-old Kenneth Weishuhn.

Weishuhn's family says their boy killed himself because he was bullied for being gay. Now some are wondering how much bullying goes on here locally.

"They kept bullying her just because she looked different," 5th grader Emma Tucker recalled of a situation from earlier on in the year. "It's not for any apparent reason most of the time either."

One other question though is just how hard is it to prove that someone is being bullied? Scott County Attorney Mike Walton says it's harder than you may think.

"You'd have to find an existing crime that fits the facts," Walton said. "What we have to prosecute is something that's actually defined in the law. Bullying is not defined in the law."

Walton says it's easier to prosecute if there's physical contact involved, provable threats, or an intent to harm. Nonetheless, he says bullying happens more now than it used to because of all the different ways to communicate through social media sites. Even though many school districts teach bullying prevention, parents agree it has to be taught at home too.