Judge ruled to move forward with selling horses

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The judge ruled that the U.S. Marshal Service move forward with selling the more than 400 horses and related belongs that they say Rita Crundwell bought with city funds.

The former Dixon comptroller spent about 30 minutes in federal court Friday in Rockford, Illinois where she learned her prize winning horses will be sold.  The U.S. Attorney stated that taking care of the horses is very costly and they would like to sell them before they lost value.  They plan to contract a third party to hold the sale, a process that is expected to take 60-90 days.

In the criminal case against Rita, the defense attorney asked for more time to prepare and file pre-trial motions.  The judge granted that time because the U.S. Attorney has submitted more than six-thousand pages of discovery evidence against Rita in just the past month.

She is set for another status hearing on July 23rd.