Man recovering from attack (Warning:Graphic Images)

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(CNN)--The homeless man whose face was chewed off during a violent attack in Miami is improving. Doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital say Ronald Poppo is walking, talking and eating well.

Despite his injuries, Doctor Nicholas Namias says Poppo is in good spirits.

"It's amazing. He's an extremely charming man. You talk to him and he's very upbeat, he's very pleasant. He hasn't said one thing negative to me. Everything, every time I ask him how he's doing, he says, "I'm doing fine." I kid you not, he wanted to talk about the NBA finals just 15 minutes ago. "

Doctors say Poppo suffered a brain injury, lost his left eye and his right eye is severely injured.

Police shot and killed Rudy Eugene when he refused to stop his attack on Poppo.