New attack ad hits Iowa Quad Cities as Election Day nears

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Presidential candidates are ramping up spending in key battleground states like Iowa.

In the firing line of political attack ads, are the Iowa Quad Cities.

“This state is getting more money spent per capita by the Obama Campaign on television ads than any other of the battleground state,” said Karl Rove, Senior Advisor to former President George W. Bush.

According to the most recent polls at, Romney leads in Iowa by one percentage point- a virtual dead heat- which, according to Republican consultant, Brian Dumas, explains why the Obama camp is pouring money into the Hawkeye state, where the President won in 2008.

“He’s very vulnerable in keeping Iowa on his slate and I think that’s why you’re seeing Governor Romney actively campaigning here so hard,” said Dumas, of Victory Enterprises.

A sentiment echoed by Democratic activist Porter McNeil, who says the Obama campaign wants to focus on Iowa to get back to its grass roots- a strategy that proved successful for him last time around in the previous election.

“You’re going to see the Super PAC’s money versus the ground game from the Obama campaign and they put a high premium on the grassroots nature of a campaign,” said McNeil.

Even though there are still five months to go until Election Day, the timing of this onslaught of ads, according to McNeil, is to be expected.

“In a swing state like Iowa, where there really is no path to the White House without Iowa, it’s never too early from the standpoint of these campaigns,” he said.

Dumas says passing the $100 million mark in TV ad spending before July is remarkable and he expects it to surpass $500 million when it’s all said and done.

So, don’t be surprised to see even more ads over the next five months.