Fisherman Claims He Was Accidently Shot by Police

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It was just an average afternoon on Galesburg's Lake Storey for Derek Price. He was fishing a cove about 200 yards east of the police department's pistol range near the northeast corner of the lake when he says he and his boat were hit by an errant bullet.

"I felt something, heard a pop, and saw something keep going through the woods," says Price.

As soon as Price realized what happened he high-tailed it back to the boat ramp.

"I got out of the this cove cause I was hearing other bullets coming through and hitting those trees," says Price.

Once he cleared the area he took a moment to assess the situation, finding a small flesh wound on his right calf.

"Red little line with a little scratch. It just barely grazed me," says Price.

He also discovered a small chip taken out of his brand new bass boat.

"I was lucky.  If I had been just a little further back it would have definitely gone into the back of my calf," says Price.

Price called the police to explain what happened.

Wednesday the Galesburg Police Department let us tour their range but declined to comment, saying they're investigating incident.

Price says he doesn't want them to shut down the range, but something needs to be done, or restrictions put in place in order to keep this or something worse from ever happening again.

"Nobody should have to worry about coming to Lake Storey and have to worry about a ricochet bullet," says Price.

Galesburg Police are working with Price and investigating the incident. They say there were no official training sessions going on Tuesday afternoon, but officers are allowed to use the range in their free time to train on their own.