Charges filed in alleged baseball bat road rage incident

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Criminal charges were filed Wednesday in a baseball bat attack that erupted in a Quad City credit union parking lot.

Silvis police say a warrant has been issued for Maralee West of Silvis, charged with three different felonies in the weekend incident.

It happened Saturday at the I-H Mississippi Valley Credit Union in Silvis. Police say it started as a near miss between two cars at an ATM machine, escalating into a war of words, then physical contact.

Watch the video of the incident - click here

West is accused of taking a baseball bat and smashing the arm of the other driver and his car. Court records indicate West has three prior misdemeanor battery convictions and is on the Sex Offender Registry for a relationship with a 16-year old when she was 22 years old.

Matt Harris, a bystander who was at the bank, fired up his phone and recorded part of the confrontation.

Police also cited Dana Laughery of Silvis, for misdemeanor battery for allegedly punchiing Harris in the neck while was shooting the video.

The video shows West and Laughery driving away, but Harris, an Air Force Veteran, shot the license plate.

''We certainly commend people for getting involved. He went to the point of getting a license plate number, crucial for us to follow up. Someone took an extra step to get involved, to actively participate, to identify an alleged offender, and for that we're most appreciative'', said Silvis Police Chief Bill Brasche.

A child in the Laughery's car is visible in the video. Chief Brasche says the Department of Children and Family Services is now involved.

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