Safety Concerns Threaten to Close Homeless Shelter

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Everyday King’s Harvest Ministry reaches out to those in dire straits, but now the shelter has found themselves in need of some serious help. The fire marshal recently informed them they're missing an adequate sprinkler system, and without it they'll have to shut their doors. The problem?  They can't afford it.

"This organization has one paid employee, everyone else is a volunteer. We go month to month, so no we don't have any laying around to pay for it," explains Anne McVey the fundraising Coordinator for King’s Harvest Ministries.

So now they're trying to raise $57,000 dollars before this winter. They're planning a number of fundraisers, while holding out hope for some help from above.

"But we also need some angels from the community to pay for it," explains McVey.

King's Harvest helps those in need in a variety of ways, from meal sites, to shelters, their constantly trying to do more with less. This section of King's Harvest serves single moms and their children, there's up to 25 people at a time living here and most notably they only have one kitchen and one bathroom between them.

"There's a lot of people that don't have clothes, there's a lot of people that have no roof over their head," says McVey.

Davenport's Fire Marshall tells us they support King's Harvest and the work they do, but international fire codes are clear, to house this number of people sprinklers must be in place.

Volunteers with King's Harvest say they're doing all they can, but it's an odd sensation now that they're the ones in need.

"To shut the doors and throw children out of the street so they can sleep behind a dumpster or in a car, maybe in a tent if they're lucky, I don't know how people can turn away from that," says McVey.

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