Davenport mother who allowed sex abuse of her children sentenced to 30 years

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A Davenport mother is headed to prison for 30 years for allowing her three little girls to be molested by her boyfriend.

The 29-year old , who is now pregnant, sobbed and begged the judge for mercy at her sentencing in a Scott County courtroom Thursday.

''Your honor, all I am asking is please find it in your heart to not put me in prison for thirty years'', she cried.

 ''I am really sorry for the decisions I made in my life. I should have done something, but I didn't because I was scared'', she said, telling the judge she was being physically and mentally abused at the time.

''I love my girls. I messed my kids up so bad to the point where they might not have a mom in their life and for that, I am truly sorry''.

''I wish I could have been there for them when they needed me the most'', she cried.''Please don't send me to prison for thirty years.''

Judge John Telleen called the mother's behavior ''inexcusable'', and handed down the maximum thirty year sentence. his voice often on the verge of tears.

''You were made aware of this sexual abuse for over two years. You placed your girls knowingly in an environment where they were being sexually abused and did nothing about it. I find this behavior requires severe punishment'', said Judge Telleen.

WQAD-TV is not using the woman's last name, because her three daughters share it. The little girls, all under the age of ten, were molested repeatedly by the mother's boyfriend, Jaymie Souder of Davenport.

 Souder is now serving a 50 year prison sentence for the abuse. 

The abuse came to light when the mother's then 8-year-old daughter refused to board her Davenport school bus, declaring she and her sisters were not going home because they were being molested.  A teacher called authorities.

The little girls are now living with an aunt and uncle who intend to adopt them.

''The two oldest are on the honor roll. They're doing well'', said Christie Rimkus, the girls aunt.

Rimkus cried when the maximum sentence was handed down, and dismissed the claims of the mother that she didn't protect her girls because she was afraid of the consequences.

''She has been a failure as a mother all of their lives. It doesn't take much to say, i'm being abused. A little ten-year old could do it, and she did. And she got her justice today'', said Rimkus.

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