Basketball Ad Shoots at Obama

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A new political ad by Fox News Contributor Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS Super PAC targets Obama's record with the U.S. national debt.

The ad shows a mother aging while she's watching her kids play basketball. Later on, the kids are older and still living at home because they can't find jobs.

"I always loved watching the kids play basketball," the mother narrates. "I still do. Even though things have changed. Now I can't retire."

A local political consultant says republicans are trying to target woman in the new ad. Porter McNeil says the ad's trying to chip away at President Obama's popularity with women.

"Nationally, the president holds about a 13 to 15 percent lead among women," he said.

McNeil says President Obama's likability is something that could help him out during the election. However, President Obama's record during the U.S. debt crisis could very well hurt him.

"If you look at the polls," McNeil said. "Obama has more of a challenge on the economics and on the deficit."

The national debt back in 2008 stood at $9.8 trillion. Now, it stands at $15.7 trillion.

"They work on the deficit," McNeil said of republican strategists. "The deficit is always something you can target."

One of the questions going into the election is whether voters will focus more on likability or the national debt. The new political ad wants people looking more at the latter. The ad's being shown on the eve of President Obama's visit to Iowa. The ad is expected to run in many battleground states, one of them of course, being Iowa.