Group knits for breast cancer survivors

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They call themselves Bosom Buddies of the QC, not just because of the way they get along but because of the way their relationship started.

Judy Brumbaugh started knitting prosthetic breast after her sister-in-law received one.  She received a high demand and her hands alone couldn’t keep up.

“I started knitting so much trying to meet the need that I was sore at night,” Judy said.

She started a group of knitters that met every Wednesday at the Trinity Hospital Café in Moline from 1:15-3:15 pm.  The group knits various sizes of prosthetic breast over conversation and bonding.

“We started out doing something for others and we have gotten so much personal gain.”

Breast cancer survivor, Patti Dietrich says the work Bosom Buddies is doing is a game changer.

“I wear them and I think they are wonderful,” Patty says.

Having had a double mastectomy, Patty has tried other forms of breast prosthesis.  She says she prefers the knitted kind because they are lightweight, don’t cause you to sweat and they look normal.

And for a cancer survivor, normalcy is often what she strives for.

“Nobody knows but me in a crowd of people that I had a double mastectomy.”

Patty says normalcy is a huge part of the healing process and these prosthesis help make that happen.

You can find out more about the group at their Facebook page They encourage new members to join.

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