15 people try to claim $14,505 found in Goodwill donation

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They cannot ALL be telling the truth, right?

Fifteen people claim to be the rightful owner of $14,505 found in a box of donated stuff at a Goodwill store.

Two men dropped off a box containing the cash, along with other donated items, at a Goodwill store in St. Louis, Missouri Tuesday, May 8.  Surveillance cameras captured the donation, made as the men unloaded a white trailer that was pulled by a green Ford F-150 pickup truck.

A store worker sorting donations found the money and turned in every dollar. 

Workers at the store say 15 people have claimed the money.  Some have the wrong donation date, or cannot identify the items connected to the donation. 

Two of the claims seem to be more legitimate than the others. 

One of those people appears to be one of the men who dropped off the load of donated items in which the cash was found.  The other is a woman who said the money was in items left over from an estate sale she had after her parents passed away.  The woman turned the remaining items over to a refuse company to donate to Goodwill.

Goodwill spokesman Lewis Chartock said they’re turning the money over to the registry of the Circuit Court of St. Louis County. 

“Then it`s up to everybody to do their best, because we really don`t know,” Chartock said.

(our sister station KPLR contributed to this report)