Mall safety concerns follow ‘shots fired’ call

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Northpark Mall is stepping up security, with added Davenport Police patrols and a mobile unit, after shots were fired into a crowd in the parking lot near the mall’s south entrance.

Donovan Dean, 18, is in the Scott County Jail, charged with one count of intimidation with a dangerous weapon.

Police say Dean was involved in a fight that happened on April 6 inside the mall food court.

Things got out of control, when police say, the fight spilled out into the parking lot from the food court.

That's when gunshots rang out, but thankfully no one was hurt.

Donovan now faces charges for allegedly shooting into that crowd of people.

 It's part of a much larger trend of crime at Northpark Mall.

So far in 2012, according to Davenport Police, there have been more than 80 theft calls, more than 40 disturbance/nuisance calls and four assaults.

"I feel safe,” said Celia Cacari, who is from Moline but shops a lot at Northpark.  “But, I don't go on the weekends most of the time."

"I wouldn't feel secure thinking that someone was going to be around that way because you don't see the security," said Teresa Marshall, who’s from Mediapolis but frequently shops in Davenport.

Off-duty Davenport police officers patrol Northpark on the weekends and Moline has its own officers at Southpark 24/7.

That comes as little consolation for concerned shoppers like Connie Jaster, who’s from Rock Island.

"School's going to be out pretty soon,” said Jaster. “Teens hang out at the mall."

"The last time I was here, I saw a lot of kids sitting in a circle at the mall and they were being really loud and stuff," said Emma Marshall, also from Mediapolis.

We tried to get crime numbers for Southpark Mall.

No one could get those for us today.