Prosecutors Use Holzman’s Facebook Page As Evidence

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May Day marks Day Two of the Kristin Holzman Trial at the Henry County Courthouse in Cambridge, Illinois. Holzman is the Geneseo, Illinois mother who is accused of faking cancer for more than $15,000 in donations.

Today, the court heard from Amy Howard, a friend and fundraising committee member for Holzman and one of the prosecution's witnesses.

Howard was given and the jury was shown several Facebook posts on Holzman's page that were written in the beginning of 2011. Most of the posts were written by Holzman herself, giving updates on her treatments, condition, and upcoming benefits.

Suspicions grew in late March when Howard and Holzman had a private conversation on Facebook, where Holzman told her a nurse had said they found more tumors on her brain. However, two days later, Holzman publicly posted on her Facebook page that she was tumor-free.

This all happened about a week before a benefit was scheduled for Holzman, which was later cancelled because there wasn't enough money in the committee's checking account for a security deposit.

Testimony lasted for about an hour as Howard repeated Facebook posts and comments for the jury.

The defense had the opportunity to cross-examine Howard. They are trying to prove that Holzman never asked her friends to raise money for her.

Holzman faces one count of felony theft and up to seven years in prison if found guilty.

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