Holzman trial puts Cambridge on national map

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Wooden shutters and ornate woodwork are some of the characteristics that make Henry County’s courtroom stand out among the rest.

“I was thinking in my head, this is a wonderful courthouse and what better way to show a pretty courtroom than through truTv,” said Cathy Foes, Director of the Henry County Tourism Bureau.

The Kristin Holzman trial has put the small town of Cambridge, Illinois on the map.

“In session” which was previously referred to as “Court TV” is covering the trial.

“I know that since the Illinois camera rules were coming around, they were looking for things in Illlinois and this was just a really interesting case because of the sense of community, trying to help this woman and also a sense of betrayal that people tried to help and found out the picture wasn’t what they thought it was,” said Michael Christian, Sr. Field Producer.

He says Illinois’ inaugural cameras in the courtroom trial has been pretty typical of most states and he’s especially excited to cover it because of his Illinois roots.

“I live in New York now, but I grew up in Marshall County,” said Christian. “I’ve always been wanting to do one here. It’s a lot like Iowa. I’ve covered a lot of trials in Iowa.”

While the trial itself is not shining the most positive light on their community, Cathy says it’s still good to have national eyes on them, no matter the charges against one of their own.

“It’s a positive story in the sense that justice will prevail, whatever it is,” she said.

The Holzman trial is taped and will be aired in the summer.

They tell me they do that so focus can be put on live trials covered around the country.