Ex-Cordova cop on trial

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Testimony started in the trial of Ray Goosens, a former Cordova police officer accused of threatening to pull police protection at the Cordova Speedway if two security officers weren't fired.

Prosecutors on Tuesday called the ex-cop a bully with a badge and a gun. Scott Gardner, owner of the Cordova racetrack testified that Goosens told him he wouldn't respond to emergency calls if he didn't get rid of two security guards who worked there. Both were former Cordova officers.

Brooke Floming, an EMT at the track testfied Goosen also reitierated the same thing to her and her partner in the summer of 2011.

''He told us he was there to inform us that he could not or would not respond'', Floming said. ''To a fight, or accident or medical call''.

The other EMT, Matt Carlson, backed up her testimoony, and told the jury at first he thought Goosens was kidding, but then took him seriously and became concerned.

''The thought process was an initial alarm reaction that we would be hung out to dry'', Carlson said.

The courtroom was filled with several Cordova residents, many who said they are not fans of the former policeman.

''I'm here like the rest of us from Cordova. To see that justice is done'', said Larry Molitor. ''We're not out to hang anybody, but there's obviously something wrong''.

In an interesting twist, Floming, the EMT who testified for the prosecution, testified that she considered Goosens a friend, and that he actually offered his help when she was getting divorced.

''Whether it would be to pull my ex-husband over or run backgrounds on my ex-husband, or whatever. Write him a ticket, if it would help me in court''.

Testimony resumes Wednesday, and the jury should get the case later in the day.

If he's convicted, Goosens would lose his right to carry a firearm.

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