Misprint leads to $10,000 misunderstanding

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It’s the case of the car ad that was too good to be true.  A newspaper misprint has lead to a $10,000 misunderstanding.

Joe Cathelyn of Davenport was searching for a new car when he found what looked like a great deal.

“The ad said it was a 2010 Chevy Cobalt LT 4 door for $3,995,” Cathelyn says.

The listing was in the Thrifty Nickel for Uptown Motors in Muscatine, Iowa.  Cathelyn then called the dealership.

“The real price of the car is $14,995 and the advertising price was just copy print errors,” Bob Davis of Uptown Motors tells us.

We contacted the Muscatine Journal, who prints the Thrifty  and they admitted to the error but obviously the dealership cannot honor the $10,000 mistake.

Joe Cathelyn thinks it is advertising fraud and that the dealership should sell him the car at the listed price.  The dealership says that is not how they do business.

“We do repetitive good quality business.   You can’t do things like that, we wouldn’t even think about it,” Davis tells us.