Company that clothes President to reopen Rock Island factory

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The Seaford clothing factory is re-opening in Rock Island, thanks to a grant from the state of Illinois.

The Quad City branch of the business closed in 2009, amid the company's financial troubles. Three hundred people lost their jobs.

Now those jobs are coming back. Seaford's parent company scored a contract to make pants for a big box store. Now it wants to expand and bring business back to Rock Island.

The grant is worth 1.5 million dollars and will pay for renovations to the building. Though it was vacant, city officials say it's still in good shape because the utilities were never shut off.

The deal is basically done. Now the city is negotiating the timeline of when renovations will start.

HMX Group, Seaford's parent company, made national headlines when it made custom fitted suits for President Obama during his election campaign.

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