“My Favorite Teacher” Uses Penguins to Make a Point

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Bella is a second grade student on a mission.

She wants to let her teacher, Mary Wilson, know something important.

"Mrs. Wilson, you're My Favorite Teacher!"

Time and again we've seen young students pick their second grade teacher as their favorite.  And in this case, Bella's said in her letter that she even misses Mrs. Wilson when she's not in school...

"And I am only eight years old to be taught so awesomely," she wrote to us.   "It's so cool to have her."

Mary Wilson has been teaching second graders at Davenport's St. Paul Catholic Blue Ribbon School for 25 years.

"They like to learn and they're easy to hook in."

And one of the hooks she uses: penguins.

They're everywhere in her classroom.   Big ones, small ones, even tiny ones.

"She really likes penguins," says Bella.

"How many kinds of penguins are there?" asks Mrs. Wilson to her class.

"17", the class yells out.  THat's how many different penguin varieties exist on earth.  And they're different, each one is different.

"I've got millions at home."

But the penguins are teaching lessons about individuality, geography, and science.   Plus, they put a smile on the faces of her second graders.

It's why Mrs. Wilson is winning over this classroom and one student in particular.

"She's a very unique teacher," says Bella.  "She makes school fun."

Because her "My Favorite Teacher" nomination was selected, Bella gets a $200 Visa check card from Black Hawk Bank and Trust.  Mrs. Wilson gets a $25 gift certificate to "Teacher's Aide" from Community Health Care, and the class is getting So-Be Life Water.