ABC’s John Quinones speaks to QC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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A longtime familiar face from ABC visited the Quad Cities this week.

But rather than ask, "What would you do?", as he does during his show on Friday nights, John Quinones took time to speak about cultural diversity and equality at a Greater Quad Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event.

"The real stars of our show are the ones who step up when they see injustice," Quinones said during a sit-down interview with News 8.

He talked about the hundreds of scenarios the show has set up to test human nature, from. Issues facing Hispanics have represented a small portion of the topics, including the restaurant that refuses to serve a patron who doesn't speak English. On the show, a mix of reactions that for Quinones say a lot about race in America.

"Even with an African-American president in office there is still a lot of ignorance in this country and we need to work on that," he said.

The Quinones event kicks of a series on diversity hosted by the chamber.