Ag in the AM: Cold Soil Delays Plantings

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SCOTT COUNTY, Iowa - Some Iowa farmers say it's still a waiting game to get out into the fields.

Yesterday was the first day Iowa corn farmers could plant their crop and still qualify for federal insurance if bad weather or disaster strikes.

But guess what?   A lot of those farmers stayed out of the fields.

The biggest reason is the soil.

Soil temperatures have not been warm enough for some farmers to safely plant their crops and give themselves a better shot at a healthy harvest.

"The longer those seeds lay in the ground and they don't grow, or even if they do grow very slowly, they're more subject to a lot of disease and insects," says farmer Tom Mueller.

Mueller says he generally waits until April 15th to begin planting.

"There were a lot of guys that are just sitting there getting things ready to roll, and so it's just taken everybody back especially when they saw the forecast," says Rock Island County Farm Bureau's Deanne Bloomberg

Other farmers particularly south of the Quad Cties have weighed the risk and have started planting.

Almost one in five Illinois farmers has already started the corn growing season.