Murdered Quad City woman was pregnant at the time of her death

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Testimony continues in a Scott County courtroom this week, in the case of a former Iowa car salesman accused of murdering a Davenport woman.

Investigators revealed that Angela Hennes was more than five months pregnant when she was killed in 2007.  The cold case heated up when a federal DNA database lead police to Chad Welsh of Burlington, Iowa.

Police on Wednesday testified that Hennes was strangled to death with a zip tie, suspected duct tape found on her face, her body burned beyond recognition, and found face down in a cornfield. And she was not alone.

''The victim was pregnant at the time she died'', testified Michael Schmit, a DNA expert with the Iowa State Crime lab.

Welsh went to federal prison on child pornography charges, and after his DNA was entered into the federal data base, investigators say a match was discovered between DNA found inside Hennes and Welsh's DNA.

"The DNA profile of the foreign DNA donor previously developed from the vaginal swab matched the DNA profile of Chad Welsh," Schmit told the jury on Wednesday.  "The probability of finding this profile in unrelated individuals chosen at random would be less than 1 out of 100 billion."

Hennes worked as a prostitute to help support her crack cocaine habit, and her boyfriend, Kelvin Quick testified he last saw her on January 3, 2007, getting into an unidentified car. He never saw her alive again.

The victim's mom, Linda Hennes, testified that she last spoke to her daughter on January 3rd.

"She was a sweet person, a caring person. She tried her best," Hennes said, her voice cracking on the witness stand. ''There were over 300 people at her funeral''.

She said she heard about a body being discovered on the news, and then called police.

In opening statements earlier in the week, Welsh's attorney told the jury that his client and Hennes hooked up, and unintentionally strangled her during rough sex.

Testimony resumes Thursday.