Hot Dog Lady returns to The District

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It’s opening week for baseball and for a longtime food tradition in Rock Island’s District.

Joan Hill, better known as “The Hot Dog Lady”, set up shop for the lunchtime crowd a little early this year because of the unusually warm temperatures.

Joan is back outside selling hot dogs, burgers and chips to downtown Rock Island workers.

As the city’s first outdoor vendor, Joan had to fight for her spot back in 1992 because some area restaurant owners thought she’d take away their lunch business.

“I fought and I did ok.  I’ve seen a lot of people come and go, and I’m still here,” Joan said.

“I’m thinking, ‘Go, Betty White!’” said Joan, speaking of the 91-year-old television icon whose example she would like to follow.

So, Joan, you’re the Betty White of the hot dog world?

“Yes!” she giggled.

Joan Hill celebrates 20 years as a hot dog and food vendor in downtown Rock Island this year.