QC moms unite on blog

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News 8 is partnering with the Quad City Moms Blog in an effort to bring all moms in our area helpful hints, advice, and money-saving ideas.

Camye and Erin are Quad City moms who started the blog about nine months ago. Their labor of love has opened the door for dozens of mothers to ask questions, enjoy play-groups, and even have a night out away from the kids.

Erin's Davenport home is buzzing.  Her nearly six-month-old daughter, Harper, is making her presence known by fussing.  Camye's three children, all under the age of six, are a bit late for their naps.  Everyone manages to go with the flow as these two moms juggle the children while bouncing around ideas for their blog.  It is just another day at the office, the home office.

"Our main purpose is to connect moms and encourage moms," said Erin.

"She can call me at 10:00 at night and say, 'Harper, this is happening with Harper.  What did you do?'" recalls Camye.

Erin and Camye became fast friends after being introduced to each other by a Scottsdale, Arizona mom blogger they both followed online.

"We decided this is an area that needed to be filled in the Quad Cities," said Erin.

The mamas (as they call themselves) got to work. Camye's husband is a graphic designer and helped create the blog.  They asked their moms to write about them for their "About Us" page. Then, they began posting about the everyday issues that they face raising the four kids they have between them.

"It's grown by leaps and bounds.  We really didn't expect the growth that we hae but of course we love it.  We have over 50 attendees at each event and that's on the lower side," said Erin.

Now, they have contributors and they host play-groups once a month.  Then there is the moms only date where they enjoy an evening off without the children.

"Everybody's really excited about what we're doing and we just love connecting moms.  So that's our main goal," said Camye.

"The double bonus, I would say, is that I get to go out and see my friends and meet these new moms as well," said Erin.

"I talk to the children all day.  I'm being social with them all day but it's not the same as sitting and talking to a mom that understands what you're going through," said Camye.

The other bonus is that these moms say that between family and the mothers they've met through the blog -- they have never had to hire a babysitter!

All Quad City area moms and soon-to-be moms are invited to join.  The next playgroup is set for April 9th at Chick Fil-A on 53rd Street at 9:30 in the morning.


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