Whitey’s introduces new flavors

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Whitey’s Ice Cream announced four new flavors for spring 2012.

Every spring the Quad Cities company adds Fresh Banana and Lemon Custard flavors.  As of Wednesday, April 4, they’ll add four more flavors for 2012:

Fiesta Chocolate– A new chocolate flavored ice cream with cinnamon swirled throughout.

Red Velvet Cake– White chocolate flavored ice cream with cream cheese frosted homemade Red Velvet cake.

Super Blueberry Cheesecake– A “Super” Blueberry Cheesecake flavored ice cream with additional blueberry swirled throughout.

Kid Crunch- Kid Crunch is made with locally supplied honey from the Illinois Beekeepers Association and includes five different ingredients to give it that “crunchy” taste. Included with the light honey ice cream are: Pecans, Almonds, Toffee, Chocolate Flakes, and Cookie pieces.

Like the previous Sgt. Camo flavor, ALL profits from the sale of Kid Crunch will be donated to children’s charities.