Gas Station Sells 1,000+ Tickets Friday

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DAVENPORT - Friday's Mega Million Dollar Jackpot is now closed for the big drawing. $640 million was up for grabs Friday. WQAD found out earlier in the day what some people would do if they won the big amount.

"First thing I'd do is buy my folks a house," Davenport resident Steve McKay said.

"I'd help out my family and pay off my student loans," Davenport resident Aaron Franck said.

Total, Mother Hubbard's on Hickory Grove Road in Davenport sold 1,015 Mega Million Dollar tickets Friday. Many bought tickets for their entire family Friday, and then there was Jodi Johnston.

"I'm buying 10 tickets," Johnston said. "None for the husband, none for the kids, just me."

The Bahammas, the Carribean, or Hawaii are just a few places where somebody could go if they won the jackpot.

"I have no clue where I'd go," Johnston said. "But I would disappear."

For others, the decision was a bit easier.

"I think I'd help out the parents. I don't know if I'd move right away or not," Davenport resident Kerry Harper said.

After taxes, the jackpot only amounts to about $324 million. Still, many say it's worth it.

"It's still enough to live off of," Franck said. "I'd probably donate the rest once I get some back from taxes."

Customers wrote their tickets while the cashiers punched them all up. Everybody was hoping to get the winning ticket.

"I've got nine grandchildren, so I could help them out a bunch," Harper said.

While some want to share the Mega Millions, others wanted it all to themselves. The winning numbers of the Mega Million Dollar Jackpot will be announced at 10 p.m. Friday.