Farmers want Farm Bill ‘safety net’

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GALESBURG, Illinois - Farmers in our area got their chance to get some input into the writing of the 2012 Farm Bill.

One of the four Farm Bill "field hearings" was held Friday in Galesburg.   Among the farmers who testified were Warren County corn and soybean farmers and a specialty crop producer from Bettendorf who sells to farmers' markets.

Lawmakers at the morning session heard requests by farmers to preserve a safety net for farmers when disaster strikes or prices plummet.

"As the Farm Bill passes, really bring that certainty and as best we can making sure that we're not doing damage to these people who are really feeding the world.", said Rep.Randy Hultgen, an Illinois Republican on the House Agriculture committee.

Illinois Congressman Bobby Schilling helped host the session in Galesburg.

Creating a new Farm Bill will be contentious.  There are calls to make deep cuts in farm programs to help cut the federal deficit.