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Erie Holds Huge Land Auction

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Erie - The town of Erie, Illinois made headlines Wednesday. A major land auction had many in town looking to buy some land. The land auction means different things though to different people.

In the commons inside Erie High School, the auction had many excited.

“Great to have you here this evening,” Schrader Auction owner RD Schrader said. “It’s a beautiful day. Starting to look like planting time out there."

The residents were gawking over more than 1300 acres of farmland that was up for sale.

"Wet years, it can really hurt a farmer there,” Erie resident Terry Thorpe siad. “But it's not been bad over the years, so it's treated farmers pretty well."

Crops, dirt, even grass are all things up against the road that are ready to be farmed.Some who owned land in the area want to know who their next neighbor will be.

“We own a 40 acre tract that is right in the middle of a number of other tracts that are going to be sold,” Erie resident Marlene Steinert said. “So of course we have an interest."

After residents listened, calculated, and jotted things down, the acres amounted to more than $6 million. As the auction continued on, that number only got bigger. In the end, the land was split up into three different tracts. The unofficial total amount was more than $7.6 million.

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