Problems at the Polls in Rock Island County

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Not all polling places got off to a smooth start on Election Day.

In Rock Island County, at least two voting centers had problems with their paper ballots being too wide for voting machines.

At Bowling Township Hall in Milan, election officials announced an hour into voting that the paper ballots weren't working, Instead, voters had to line up and plug in their votes at the hall's only electronic voting machine.

There was a similar problem at Christ the King Church in Moline, where it took around a half hour for voters to cast their ballots. However, around 9:30am, a worker from the Rock Island County Clerk's Office arrived with replacement ballots.

There have been some other problems, as well. Voters say some of the poling places aren't well-marked, so they're difficult to find. Also, because the Rock Island County Clerk's Office closed 12 polling places this year, many voters were assigned to new voting centers, which caused some confusion.