Blagojevich speaks out before heading to prison

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Wednesday is the last full day of freedom for Rod Blagojevich and he will be holding a press conference on his front lawn for one more moment in the spotlight.

He’s expected to report to a prison on Thursday to serve a 14 year sentence for corruption.  Blagojevich will be serving his time at the Englewood Federal Correctional Institution which is just outside of Denver, Colorado.  He is sent there upon his own request.

Englewood regularly reports the least amount of violence among the Bureau’s low security prisons and also has a camp next door that he could be moved to once he has less than 10 years to serve.

A former inmate, Patrick Boyce says it’s best if Blagojevich remembers to do as you’re told and to remember that no one on the inside cares about whom you were on the outside.

“He should just be an honest and upfront person, talking about his family and his regular life.  [He shouldn’t] talk about how he was a big shot on the outside because nobody cares about that,” Patrick Boyce says.

Blagojevich is expected to enter a residential drug and alcohol program while at Edgewood.  If he completes it, it could take a year off his sentence.