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Scott County Republicans Get Bogus Postcard

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DAVENPORT – A political postcard sent out across Scott County sparked a firestorm of controversy Monday. It states the Scott County Republican Convention is reconvening. But party leaders Monday said the postcard is bogus.

That’s because the delegates for Scott County have already been accounted for. According to some though, there’s a group in the area that’s trying to meddle with those delegate votes.

On a day when Scott County republicans were focusing on Moline, the political party had to look backwards. On Saturday some received a postcard in the mail, saying that the Scott County convention was reconvening Thursday, March 22nd.

“But that’s just it, they’re not reconvening anything,” Scott County delegate Bill Edmond said.

Edmond received the postcard Saturday, but it turns out the info is absolutely false.

“We are not reconvening the convention,” Chairwoman Judy Davidson said. “The convention was adjourned. It was legitimate. All the results from the convention were legitimate.”

Edmond says that Ron Paul supporters are the ones who made up the postcard to try and get him more delegates.

“What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to do is they’re trying to fracture the Scott County Republican Party,” Edmond said.

Edmond believes the Ron Paul supporters will meet up Thursday, but they won’t meet up with the rest of the party.

“On Thursday night, they will elect their own slate of delegates,” Edmond said. “Then they will go up to Mount Pleasant the next month for the district convention, and then they’ll try to get those delegates seated.”

And while the Scott county delegates are already accounted for, some think a few Ron Paul supporters are trying to give themselves an edge.

WQAD was not able to contact the Ron Paul supporters in Iowa. We also cannot confirm who sent out the postcards. The Scott County Republican Convention happened on March 10.

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