Local Red Cross Volunteer Helps Tornado Victims

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The death toll is still rising with nearly four dozen people dead following last week's violent storms in the Midwest and South.

More than 40 tornadoes touched down in 10 states on Friday, but the National Weather Service says the ones that hit Kentucky were the worst in the region in 24 years.

Heading that way, is Patti Franklin, a volunteer with the Quad Cities Chapter of the American Red Cross. Patti left for Lexington, KY at 9:30am Monday, March 5th. There, she will help clean up what many are calling the largest March tornado outbreak in U.S. History.

While many volunteers help out in shelters, Patti will be working behind the scenes at the Blue Grass Chapter of the Red Cross. She'll be collecting donations and assisting anyone who phones or walks in the building, while others are out helping residents in the community.

"So often, there are people during disasters, other community people, who want to help, but they don't know how to help and they come phoning and they walk in the door and there's just no time to work with them and I can do that," says Patti.

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