Possible conflict cited in Holzman prosecution

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Kristin Holzman, a mother accused of faking cancer in order to receive thousands of dollars in donated money and services, is now accused of victimizing an area not-for-profit organization.

A local chapter of Rebuilding Together, a national organization that helps provide home modifications and repairs for those in need, reportedly gave Holzman a new roof for her home.

The organization’s service to Holzman may also mean a conflict of interest for the state’s attorney prosecuting Holzman.

In a motion filed the first week of October 2011, Holzman’s attorney Jack Schwartz requested Henry County State’s Attorney Terry Patton be removed as the prosecutor in the case.

Schwartz cited conflict of interest.

Patton has been an active member of Rebuilding Together for several years.

Court records also indicate Patton’s mother sits on the board of the local chapter of Rebuilding Together, and that she interviewed Holzman about her financial status before giving her a free roof.

Patton wrote a letter to Schwartz on September 13, 2011, notifying him of the potential conflict of interest.

Patton’s letter indicates he doesn’t necessarily think it’s enough to remove him from the case.

“If rebuilding together was the only victim in this case, I would agree that I have a conflict of interest in prosecuting this case.  But because rebuilding together is one of multiple victims, I don’t believe there is any conflict,” the letter said.

Kristin Holzman was also reportedly fired from her job at the Hair Cuttery in Moline.  Managers confirmed her firing but declined to say why Holzman was fired.

Holzman faces a judge the week of October 17 to determine if her trial will be moved outside of Henry County because of media attention to the case.

Holzman is charged with felony theft of up to $100,000.