Galesburg ADM plant closing its doors

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ADM officials announced they're shutting down the Galesburg plant, citing an increased demand in soybean exports and the rising price of beans.

Surprised, Galesburg Mayor Sal Garza is still trying to wrap his mind around another manufacturer moving out of Galesburg, this time ADM.

"We're attempting to see if there's any potential presence that ADM may still maintain here in Galesburg area," said Mayor Garza.

The mayor along with other city leaders, now requesting a meeting with officials at the soy bean processor after learning the company isn't making enough money to stick around.

"Frustrating to get news like that primarily because want to be empathetic to people that are impacted by it but we understand corporate making those decisions based on profitability," said Todd Thompson, Galesburg city manager.

For Galesburg it seems as though when one door opens another closes. Duham sports recently opening its doors, employing as many as 25 people but still not offsetting the 31 jobs lost at ADM.

"We have a number of pending additional announcements but we've not inked the paper yet," said Mayor Garza.

Operating since the mid 60's, ADM sits directly across from the former Butler Manufacturing plant, now just a pile of rubble.

"Want to look at ways to use this as an opportunity to make that facility available either to additional ADM projects or new projects to create jobs," said Thompson.

A permanent closing date has not been announced. The mayor focusing on those losing jobs and how one plants closure can lead to something better.

"We're going to fight not only for 31, we're going to see if we can increase that number because in these kinds of situations you look for openings and openings that would shed light on the corporate model."

Employees will receive severance packages and some will have the opportunity to transfer to other facilities.

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