Close friend of Kristin Holzman speaks out

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In a follow up to an exclusive story we first brought you last month, a source close to Kristin Holzman is speaking out.

At the beginning of this year, Kristin Holzman, a single mother of two said she was diagnosed with stage two brain stem glioma, an inoperable form of brain cancer.

Her announcement brought the community of Geneseo together, raising money for her, now police are looking into where some of that money went and if Kristin does or ever did have cancer.

A close friend of Kristin Holzman says he spoke with her Saturday when she told him that she would be moving to the Chicago area later this week. This news is coming just weeks after Geneseo police confirmed they are investigating Kristin.

“She’s got two vulnerable children, the children need to be brought up in better light than what they’ve got,” said the friend.

A source close to Kristin Holzman is speaking out, after learning through our story she is being investigated for possibly cashing in on compassion.

“It kind of blew me away, being so close just that it got that far, her ability to wander from truth had gotten this far.”

At least five benefits were held for Kristin after she announced she had inoperable brain cancer. Witnesses say at least $10,000 was raised, shortly after questions were also raised.

“A bathroom got remodeled, pretty nice, she was planning a trip on a Disney cruise for the family.”

He says despite the effort of the Geneseo community to help Kristin pay for her medical bills, the money raised wasn’t needed.

“The state takes care of her medical bills so these treatments are already paid for.”

When asked why the state would pay for them, he responded by saying, “In the past, she altered her income levels to qualify for state aid.”

Police still can’t confirm nor deny if Kristin does or ever did have cancer, although her close friend says he has his doubts.

“Circles around eyes, pasty skin, nothing that out of the ordinary,” he went on to say, “She was never bald, as far as I know never saw any bald patches.”

In July, we went to Kristin’s house to ask her about her health, although she denied to comment.

“We were all hoping she would be a little bit more honest and tell her side of it but even friends and family don’t truly know the truth.”

Still under investigation, the close friend now says she’s planning on moving from Geneseo to Chicago, this week.

“I think the truth is going to come out and she knows it, I think she’s leaving yes for a reason,” said the friend.

If you have any information that may help the police you are asked to contact the Geneseo police department at 1-309-944-5141 or Henry County Crime Stoppers.