Nicholas Sheley’s ex-wife reacts to his capture

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News of Nicholas Sheley’s arrest came as a great relief to people living in Rock Falls and Sterling.  One of the most relieved was Sheley’s ex-wife.
Monica Rodriguez married Nick Sheley in 1996 and has custody of their son and daughter.   She divorced him over seven years ago. She says before police caught Sheley she feared for her family’s safety.

“I’ve been in hiding keeping my kids protected. I haven’t been sleeping. I’m scared to go home.”

But once she got word from Sterling Police she was relieved. And told the news to everyone who called her.  “It was confirmed in Granite City, he’s in Granite City.”

Sheley is accused of murdering five people in Sterling and Rock Falls.   Since her family lives here they can’t get away from the constant talk.

“We’ve all been hurt this is going to have a life long affect on all of us.”

She’s no stranger to Sheley’s rage. “He was violent with me yes, I don’t wish to get into that.”

In 2000, she got a protection order to keep him away. The court says it has never seen more extensive injuries on a victim’s face. She says he was capable of hurting people but was still surprised when she heard he could have killed people.

“With all the violence, I myself never ever ever would have thought it would come to this ever. Oh my gosh, I’m still in complete utter shock everything’s surreal so surreal.”

Her guess of why he would do this, “The drugs just got a hold of him and I’d say he just completely lost his mind.”

Lawyers will have to argue Sheley’s motive, she’s just glad he didn’t put up a fight when he was found.

“It didn’t go down in a shoot out or whatever. I’m glad no more people weren’t hurt. I’m just real glad that it’s over with.”

Rodriguez says Sheley’s murder spree is over but knows her children’s father is considered a murderer.

“There isn’t a future with their dad. I can’t let them have a future with him. It’s cut off. It’s done.”

Rodriguez says her kids are getting counseling to help them deal with everything that’s happened and what will happen.

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