Autumn weather played an encore as full sunshine dominated our skies along with daytime highs around 60 degrees.  Temperatures are guaranteed to be even warmer heading into the weekend.  But before they do we need to get over was small obstacle.

That obstacle will be a disturbance, which is located along the western third of the Hawkeye state.  The progress will increase our clouds tonight and bring a broken line of light showers on Thursday.  At this point, any shower chance will end after lunchtime, but more importantly skies may show signs of breaking up before sunset.  At least we hope so as an hour before sunset is when the partial solar eclipse is suppose to be present.  Fingers crossed.

Mild air will then pour in heading leading to a fabulous weekend.  Sunshine will take over with upper 60s for highs on Friday lead to lower 70s both Saturday and Sunday.

Chief meteorologist James Zahara

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