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Rebecca Smith joined the WQAD team in July of 2010. She anchors News 8 on the weekends and also reports during the week.

Previously, Rebecca worked as a reporter and fill-in anchor in Tulsa, OK and Jonesboro, AR. Before that, she was an associate producer in Memphis, TN. She graduated in 2003 from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Rebecca’s hometown is Memphis, where her family still lives.

She’s excited to be in Quad Cities and is looking forward to getting to know all that the QC has to offer. When she’s not giving us the news, she likes to spend time with her friends, run, work out, paint and listen to music.

If you’d like to drop her a line, her email is

Recent Articles
  • Crundwell jewelry auction nets money for Dixon

    The personal jewelry collection of former Dixon Comptroller, Rita Crundwell, brought in a pretty penny at auction this weekend- $258,000 to be exact for items like a horseshoe ring, which fetched $12,000. Crundwell was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison in February after admitting she stole more than $53 million from the City of Dixon. Authorities only expect to recover $10 million by auctioning off her belongings.  

  • Nascar crash injures at least 28

    At least 28 Nascar fans were injured Saturday afternoon when parts of a stock car flew into the stands. It happened at the end of the Nationwide Series Race at Daytona International Speedway. A track worker told Yahoo Sports that one woman had a leg injury and others suffered burns. A tire reportedly landed on one fan when the multiple car accident unfolded. NASCAR president Mike Helton earlier told ESPN, which was broadcasting the race, some people were taken to […]

  • Bowl-A-Thon for Junior Achievement

    The cold temperatures had a lot of folks getting some indoor exercise Saturday. The 30th annual Junior Achievement Bowl-A-Thon rolled into Miller Time in Davenport. The staff from Adams Elementary joined in the fun to help raise funds for the program. Junior Achievement helps prepare students for the workplace at no cost to the district and the organization puts on fun events to keep the program running. “You can certainly have fun while you are raising money and those teachers […]

  • Arsenal workers could take 20% pay cut

    All federal employees, including 8,000 Arsenal workers, will be required to take furlough days or unpaid time off if Congress can’t agree on a budget. It translates to a 20-percent pay cut. “I’ve got some members that could end up in a-rears, could increase their credit card debt,” said Randy Donnelley, who’s the Vice President of AFGE Local 2119. His bargaining unit includes 1,200 Arsenal machinists. He’s currently devising a strategy to allocate the unpaid time off so that the […]

  • Selling jerky to help Haitians

    It’s been three years since the country of Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake. Aftershocks to the country’s inhabitants are still being felt through extreme poverty and hunger. One Davenport man is trying to do his part to help Haitians. Mike Barnard describes his visit to the country back in August as humbling. “It’s unbelievable,” said Barnard. “Our battle ends when we get home most of the time, but there, it’s never ending.” According to British newspaper, The Guardian, […]

  • Police: Don’t be a car burglary victim

    A rash of car break-ins has police in Bettendorf asking folks to lock up their stuff. Car burglaries have been reported all around town. All it takes is an unlocked car door and a motivated criminal. It’s a crime of opportunity that’s sweeping seemingly crime-free neighborhoods. One quiet Bettendorf neighborhood found itself to be the unlikely a target of criminals after Tyler Edward’s vehicle was broken into. “The visors were down,” said Edward. “I think they were looking for my […]

  • QC moms try to strike work/life balance

    An age-old debate for many moms is centered around the question of whether to work or stay at home with the kids. The 2008 recession and subsequent slow economic recovery forced many moms back into the work force. Meet four Quad City moms all trying to have it all- Quad City Mom’s Blog operator Camye Halvorson, part-time lab tech Amy Olsen, hair salon employee Jacqueline Graham and stay-at-home mom Michelle Crawford. “I always had these big goals and dreams and […]

  • Budget cuts loom, Bustos concerned for Arsenal

    Leaders in Washington continue to sound alarm bells over budget cuts, set to go into effect in March. They’re the result of the failure in 2011 of a congressional super committee to create a plan to reduce the deficit. There’s still time for Congress to avoid the sequestration. The House recently voted to put talks on hold. It’s a move many disagree with, including Illinois Congresswoman, Cheri Bustos. “Think about your own family budget and if you had to face […]

  • Money could be waiting for you

    A major tax break could be going ignored. This weekend, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn stopped by Truman College in Chicago, urging taxpayers to check and see if they’re eligible for the Illinois Earned Income Tax Credit. Quinn says up to 20-percent of those who could get the money miss out entirely. The United Way of the Quad Cities will provide free tax help to anyone who needs it through April 15th. For more information on the tax credit:–It%e2%80%99s-easier-than-ever-to-find-out-if-you-qualify-for-EITC

  • Braley to appear at Democrats dinner

    Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley makes his first appearance Saturday evening since announcing he’ll run for U.S. Senator Tom Harkin’s seat. He’ll address the Scott County democrats at their annual Red, White and Blue dinner. Braley represents Iowa’s First Congressional District. So far, no republicans have announced their candidacy although a Des Moines Register poll found Iowa Congressman Tom Latham as a likely favorite.

  • Symposium Cafe to close its doors

    A Davenport restaurant will serve its last meal Sunday. Symposium Cafe, in Davenport, will close at 4 p.m. A new restaurant will take its place, although we’re not sure which one. But, we can tell you, renovations are planned to start March 1st. We’re also told the cafe will try to get job interviews for its 33 employees.  

  • Local Army Major shines light on military suicides

    A local Army man is speaking out on military suicides and getting national attention. People Magazine recently did a feature on Army Major Jeff Hall, of Davenport, as a way to address the growing epidemic that’s got military leaders looking for answers. Pencil and paper help Hall sort through the images that cloud his head after two tours in Iraq. Drawings, some of which are gruesome, illustrate his struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder. “It’s very therapeutic just to get it […]