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Rebecca Smith joined the WQAD team in July of 2010. She anchors News 8 on the weekends and also reports during the week.

Previously, Rebecca worked as a reporter and fill-in anchor in Tulsa, OK and Jonesboro, AR. Before that, she was an associate producer in Memphis, TN. She graduated in 2003 from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Rebecca’s hometown is Memphis, where her family still lives.

She’s excited to be in Quad Cities and is looking forward to getting to know all that the QC has to offer. When she’s not giving us the news, she likes to spend time with her friends, run, work out, paint and listen to music.

If you’d like to drop her a line, her email is

Recent Articles
  • Flood cleanup underway

    Even though most of the floodwater is receding, cleanup continues for flood victims across our area. The Red Cross is giving them some help in the form of cleaning supplies. Having lived in his home in northwest Davenport for more than 20 years, Matt McDowell knows the damage flooding can do to his living room. “Whenever it gets three inches of water I get very concerned,” said McDowell. A box of cleaning supplies, courtesy of the Red Cross, was his […]

  • Muddy’s lives up to its name in Burlington

    One area restaurant is making the most of the flooding situation. “I thought I was on a cruise ship,” is how Aaron Lotzow described his dining experience at Big Muddy’s on Monday. “I saw lots of water.” Customers were pleasantly surprised to find out it’s business as usual at the restaurant despite the fact that the building is surrounded by water. “It’s still open bud, come in the back door,” said Ted Fenton, who’s a regular. “Park in the back […]

  • I-74 bridge/John Deere Rd. expansion gets IL money

    An ambitious plan is in the works to rebuild the I-74 bridge. It’s about quality of life to Denise Bulat, with the Bi-State Regional Commission. “We can provide those cultural opportunities, those educational opportunities, those entertainment opportunities, as well as knowing your commute to work is not going to take an hour,” said Bulat. “It’s going to take less than 30 minutes.” She says more than 20-percent of Quad Citians travel across state lines for work, play or both. Half […]

  • Local man says he knows how to prevent identity theft

    Your credit card may be just as valuable to thieves as it is to you. Identity theft is on the rise, but there are ways to keep from becoming a victim. Senior citizens like Robert Moore of Rapids City have it all figured out- being proactive is the best way to prevent identity theft. After some back and forth with his bank, he set up his account to be, what he calls, identity theft proof. “Nothing can be withdrawn unless […]

  • A photo worth a thousand “likes”

    Anything viral when you're pregnant is usually a bad thing, but that's not the case when it comes to one couple’s pregnancy photo.

  • Smoke detector credited with saving woman

    You may have checked your smoke detector a few weeks ago when we changed over to daylight saving time. The American Red Cross suggests you check the batteries twice a year, when we “spring ahead” and when we “fall back.” That turned out to be a life-saver for one Coal Valley woman, who’s home went up in flames Tuesday night. Firefighters from Coal Valley, Colona and Orion were called to the trailer fire shortly after nine o’clock p.m. The trailer […]

  • Groundbreaking for Clinton Middle School

    The Clinton School District broke ground on the new Clinton Middle School Tuesday. The historic significance of the Washington Middle School building is not lost on Principal Brian Kenney. “This place holds a really dear spot to people,” said Kenney. He went to school here when he was a kid. But, being built in 1930’s, it has its downsides, like incompatibility with the technology of today’s classrooms. “If our IT department were here right now they’d sigh and say it’s […]

  • Rash of graffiti alarms neighbors

    Suspected gang-related graffiti showed up in seven locations in one neighborhood over the weekend.

  • Homeless worries amid federal budget cuts

    Since January, when he first arrived at the Humility of Mary Shelter in Davenport, Alan Peterman has learned to live with a little less independence. “I like to get up, make my own meals, get ready for work,” said Peterman. “I have my routine. It doesn’t happen here. But, it’s better than the alternative.” He lost his job last fall and never thought he’d end up at a homeless shelter. “I was bumming around from friend to friend, staying on […]

  • City considers cutting off liquor licenses

    The City of Davenport considers cutting off businesses from getting new liquor licenses. The proposed moratorium would last for six months. It’s targeted for an area in west Davenport considered to be at-risk of becoming a problem area. Life on the streets was, at one time, all Wallace Ross really knew. Formerly homeless, he knows the trouble a concentration of liquor stores can bring to a neighborhood. “It’s going to create a Pandora’s Box, beautiful emerald-like box and the minute […]

  • Davenport dentist gives glimpse into sterilization techniques

    Several hundred people lined up at the health department in Tulsa, Oklahoma this past weekend to get tested for HIV and Hepatitis after their oral surgeon, Dr. W. Scott Harrington, was found to be in violation of sanitary practices. “If I get sick, like, I could be sick for a long time,” said Marissa Smith, a former patient of the Tulsa dentist. “It just freaks me out a little knowing that this could kill me.” Among other violations, the complaint […]

  • Neighbor grieves for Mercer County fire victims

    A pair of plastic binoculars and playground equipment are some of the only things remaining after a fire broke out overnight Wednesday, killing a mother and four children. Larry Rains lives in the neighborhood south of Sherrard. “Kids I just saw running around a day or so ago,” said Rains. He was just at the now destroyed home the other day for a child’s birthday party. “I’ve seen some things in my life, but nothing kind of hits like this,” […]