Pauli Mayfield is proud to be a product of the Quad Cities. Raised in Davenport, she attended Davenport Central High School before graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Kinesiology from Iowa State University. Upon graduation, Pauli worked at Woodward Academy, a court-adjudicated placement facility for juvenile delinquent males in Woodward, Iowa.

In January 2010, Pauli moved back to the Quad Cities and served as a substitute teacher and track coach for the Davenport Community School District. In June, Pauli was awarded the crown and title of Miss Iowa 2010. She served the state traveling from city to city and speaking to kids on the importance of being a positive role model and never giving up on your dreams. Pauli represented Iowa in the 2011 Miss America Pageant and received the Rick Ferentz Non-Finalist Interview Award.

Recent Articles
  • First medical marijuana clinic opened in Illinois

    Illinois’ first medical marijuana clinic has opened in the Chicago area. The “Good Intentions” clinic, in Wicker Park, is the first to open since Governor Pat Quinn signed a measure allowing medical marijuana use in Illinois.  The clinic is owned by Tammy Jacobi, a former registered nurse who runs a similar clinic in Michigan. “We want to establish a relationship between the doctor and the patient, especially those patients that don’t have a primary doctor or have a doctor that […]

  • East Moline woman accused of faking cancer to support drug habit

    An East Moline woman accused of lying about having cancer to fund her drug habit is now facing criminal charges.

  • Quinn Signs Law Protecting Student Athletes

    Governor Quinn passes "Rocky's Law" requiring all school districts to provide catastrophic accident insurance for school athletes injured while participating in school sponsored activities.

  • Local Kid Meets Mickey on Make-A-Wish Trip

    A big wish has come true for a Quad City kid who has been battling an incurable disease. Click here to see the original story about Bradley. Bradley Hartman was a recipient of a Make-A-Wish Foundation trip and chose to visit Disney World to meet Mickey Mouse. The family went to the ocean, sea world, and Disney theme parks but the first stop was to Magic Kingdom where Bradley finally met Mickey. He got the picture he was hoping for […]

  • Extra Parking on Harrison “Added Bonus” for Businesses

    After years of discussion, a change has finally come to Harrison Street in Davenport.  From 17th street to 5th, the four lane street will now be just three with a lane for parking. When owner of Spears Retail, Curtis Spears saw the crews working to make parking spots along Harrison Street, he couldn’t hide his excitement. “I came out and it was like Christmas,” Spears says. Previously, Spears just had a very small lot that only fits about 4 cars […]

  • Local reaction to the Pope Francis’ remarks on gays

    On Pope Francis’ plane ride back to Rome from South America, it seemed like nothing was off-limits.  The Pope answered questions from reporters on some of the most controversial topics in the Catholic Church. It was his answer on gays and lesbians in the church that made the widest stir. The Pope said, “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” Quad City Catholics are reacting to that question, […]

  • 4 Year-Old High-Fives President

    Four-year-old Gage Maska of Galesburg almost misses an opportunity to high-five President Obama during his July 2013 to the Quad Cities.

  • No Pay Checks for Illinois Lawmakers

    Illinois State Comptroller, Judy Baar Topinka says she’s not signing any lawmaker’s paychecks anytime soon.  After legal review, the attorney general has advised Topinka that the payments cannot be made without an appropriation or a court order. It’s been two weeks since Illinois Governor Quinn cut off the general assembly’s pay, along with his own, until pension reform is passed. “This is no way to run a government,” Topinka says.  “Threats, blackmail and inertia may be good theater, but it […]

  • Demonstrators greet presidential motorcade

    All the demonstrators say when the motorcade drove by, they hoped the president took notice.

  • New Vaccine Requirements for Area Schools

    A new vaccination requirement for Iowa and Illinois students is adding one more thing to the back-to-school list.

  • Quinn Signs Laws to Protect Animals

    Governor Pat Quinn signed a new law to help ensure that all dogs in Illinois are treated humanely when tethered outside. “One of the joys and privileges of being a dog owner is the unconditional love and comfort these animals bring to our lives,” Governor Quinn said. “This new law will crack down on the mistreatment of animals in Illinois and make sure our pets receive the same love and care they give us.” The law requires that dog owners […]

  • Photo speed enforcement coming to a street near you

    Illinois State Police will use a specially-equipped van to help enforce work zone speed limits in the Quad Cities area, and penalties for violations are steep.