Kurt Liske is a general assignment reporter at News 8, covering a wide variety of news stories throughout eastern Iowa and western Illinois.

Kurt started as a general assignment reporter at Independent Network News in Davenport in 2006. He joined News 8 as a producer in 2010 and became a reporter in 2011.

His interest in journalism started in the first grade at the height of the Gulf War. He watched the latest developments on network television. He furthered his interests at North Scott High School where he created the school’s video news service.

Kurt graduated from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa with a major in Communications. He’s a fan of the Knights but also of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Kurt is married and lives in Davenport with his wife and son. When not at work he hunts and fishes and finds enough time to renovate his home.

If you’ve got a story idea, just contact him at Kurt.Liske@wqad.com.

Recent Articles
  • FOUND: Child reported missing in corn field

      UPDATED 3:35 p.m. : Search crews have located a missing two-year-old boy in a field about three-quarters of a mile from his Preemption, Illinois home. Authorities found the boy, identified only as Mason, at approximately 3:30 p.m. on the edge of a soybean field and a corn field near 240th Street and 160th Avenue. He’s believed to be OK, and was taken to ambulance where his condition was being checked.  EARLIER SCRIPT: A child was reported missing after he […]

  • Scott County Declared Battlegound within a Battleground

    There’s no doubt Iowa and its first in the nation caucus’ play a big role in selecting our nation’s presidents. But now we’re learning not only Iowa, but our area will likely go a very long way in determining who the next president of the United States is. That’s because Scott County is considered one of a few battleground counties with in our battleground state. Inside the Scott County Republican Headquarters it’s a kind of organized chaos. “We’ve done a […]

  • QCA Water Usage on the Rise

    As our drought continues and hot weather refuses to leave water usage around our area is, just as you’d suspect, on the rise. But recently the amount of water used in Moline set a new record, less than two weeks ago the city water plant pumped out 8.3 million gallons of water. To put that in context, on a typical summer day they average 6.5 million gallons. “The amount of water that our community and communities around the nation use […]

  • Drought Forces Livestock On To Conservation Lands

    As drought conditions continue their spread throughout the state, livestock farmers are starting to feel a real pinch.Entire pastures are dying off, and farmers are left searching for food for their animals.“With feed costs, if you gotta start feeding, it really adds up,” says Larry Johnson of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association.“Livestock folks are under a lot of stress right now making sure they have feed for their animals, making sure they have access to water” says Iowa Ag Secretary Bill […]

  • Fishermen Struggling to ‘Beat the Heat’

    “Fishing seems to have gotten a lot tougher. I think what that all boils down to is how much the fish are actually feeding,” says Barry Waldron, president of the Harvester Bass Club. He and Carl Hoyt know this river and the fish in it better than just about anyone. They’re on the water on a near daily basis with the Harvest Bass Club, and right now the fishing is about as bad as it gets. “Usually fishing has been […]

  • Marching Band Battles Heat

    “I would have to say this summer is definitely the hottest that it’s ever been since I’ve marched,” says senior Erik Whitcomb It’s the middle of July, schools out, and it’s hot. For more than 100 Rock Island School students that can mean only one thing: band camp. “We start in the morning from eight o’clock to about noon, and then we come back at night from five to nine,” says Whitcomb. Every summer, rain or shine, the Rocky Marching […]

  • Low Water Hurting Barge Companies

    “The bottom up here is mostly rock bottom and you don’t take chances on hitting it, because when rock and steel meet the rock is going to win,” says Larry Daily of Alter Logistics. The worst drought in recent memory is making things tough on Midwest barge companies. For forty years Daily has made his living moving freight up and down the Mississippi. Droughts and shallow river levels are some of the biggest challenges barge lines face. A lack of […]

  • CO Shooting Prompts New Call for Concealed Carry in Illinois

    Donnie Pridemore will be the first to tell you everyone deserves the right to be safe. He’s a local police officer, a firearms instructor and he’s convinced that concealed carry laws make everyone safer from people like James Holmes. “These are cowards. They don’t want to engage somebody who might be able to stop them. They’re preying on what they might think are innocent people. This is a domestic terrorism act,” says Pridemore. In the wake of Friday’s tragedy in […]

  • Prolonged Heat Tough on Local Wells

    Lately, well repair crews with Johnson H2O of Davenport have had their hands full. They’ve been working 10 to 12 hour days trying to keep up with a surge in demand as high temps have more and more people using more and more water. “We’re not seeing many well problems; it’s more mechanical, pump failures,” says Joel Johnson of Johnson H2O. Johnson tells us there’s no shortage of work, because when temperatures climb, water usage goes up, and when pumps […]

  • Water Supplies Worry Eastern Iowa RAGBRAI Stop

    Next Saturday the small town of Delmar, Iowa will be overrun with more than 10,000 bike riders. “It’s the biggest thing to happen to Delmar since I’ve lived here and I’ve lived here almost 30 years,” says Mayor Patty Hardin. For the first time in recent memory Delmar is one of the stops on the statewide RAGBRAI event. For a small town like Delmar the economic impact of thousands of bike riders is huge, but so is the challenge of […]

  • “Grim Reaper” Lurking Around Deere Run

    Most of are aware that before tournament play ever begins there’s a pro-am on Monday, and on Wednesday, but few people realize there’s another pro-am on Saturday morning. But you need to know all the pros in the Saturday event are guys who didn’t make cut after the first two rounds. Recruiting pro’s that didn’t make the cut can be a bit a challenge. All eyes are on the JDC leader board this week, but there’s one man who’s not […]

  • 911 Call from Marshalltown Drowning’s Released

    Police in Marshalltown, Iowa release a chilling two-minute 911 call from the night three children drowned in the Iowa River. It’s a frantic 911 call from a family member pleading for help. “Hello? Ma’am I cannot understand you. You need to tell me what’s going on. Do you need an ambulance?” Says a 911 operator. A pair of operators struggle to figure out what’s going on throughout the two-minute call. The caller is a refugee from Myanmar who barely speaks […]