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  • Photo courtesy of Tesco

    UK grocery chain introduces ‘less talkative’ self checkout

    You’re at your local grocery store to pick up a few things and you choose self-checkout because there is no line. And then you hear that dreaded phrase: “Unexpected item in bagging area. Please wait for assistance.” Tesco, a grocery store and retailer based in the UK, announced Thursday the company is removing the annoying “unexpected item in bagging area” audio on its self-checkout lanes. The audio has been a part of the self-checkout process since the machines were first introduced at the […]

  • Photo from CBS Denver

    Man felt something brush against his feet while swimming, now is called a hero

    A Colorado man was swimming in a lake on Sunday when he felt something brush against him -- and his quick instincts likely saved a 4-year-old's life.

  • Photo courtesy of Kristen Prosser

    Beautiful photos capture the moment a couple meets their adopted newborn

    A Minnesota couple, who already has two biological children, recently traveled to Florida to meet their newly adopted child — and their photographer captured the moment they first met their baby. David and Sarah Olson said they chose to adopt when they realized they were unable to have any more children. Doctors told Sarah it was not in her best interest to get pregnant. “We knew that our family wasn’t complete yet. We knew that we wanted three… we always wanted three. […]

  • body cam video

    Body cam video shows cop fatally shooting man during traffic stop

    University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing was indicted Wednesday on a murder charge for shooting Samuel DuBose during a traffic stop this month.

  • AK-47 Bandit, photo  from FBI

    Culprit of Iowa bank robbery believed to be ‘AK-47 Bandit’

    An armed robbery that happened in northern Iowa is one police believe was at the hand of a man referred to as the "AK-47 Bandit."

  • Multiple departments search Mississippi River after mayday call

    Search crews were out on the Mississippi River Wednesday evening, July 29, 2015 after a reported “mayday” call. Several departments from Illinois like Cordova, Moline, Port Byron, and Hampton, as well as from Buffalo and LeClaire, Iowa were reportedly putting boats in the water. Initial reports indicated that a mayday call from a boat prompted the search.  Nothing was found from the search and it was reportedly called off.

  • Almost every country in the world is affected by trafficking, and traffickers often use air travel to move their victims. Sometimes, victims are flown into another country on the promise of a legitimate job, other times traffickers move their victims within a country, to keep them powerless or to avoid detection.

    7 warning signs that human trafficking is happening on your flight

    Editor’s note: The CNN Freedom Project wants to amplify the voices of the victims of modern-day slavery, highlight success stories and help unravel the tangle of criminal enterprises trading in human life. (CNN) — It’s vacation season for much of the world, with travelers flocking to airports to jet off for some hard-earned R&R. But it’s not just holidaymakers who fly on planes. Airports are also hubs for human trafficking — where adults or children are transported into forced labor […]

  • Australia: Debris found off Reunion is ‘major lead’ in MH370 search

    The discovery of debris off the coast of Reunion Island is "a very significant development" in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but it's too soon to say whether it's part of the missing aircraft, Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said Thursday.

  • stop sign

    Three vehicles involved in crash after police say a driver ran a stop sign

    Three vehicles were involved in a McDonough County crash that sent a driver to the hospital with serious injuries. A Chevrolet Equinox was headed westbound on 300 N on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 8:15 a.m.when the driver ran a stop sign at US 67, according to the Illinois State Police.  When the Equinox went through the intersection, it crashed into the passenger side of a truck tractor that was pulling a Cornhusker semi-trailer.  Then, the trailer being pulled by the truck […]

  • A 15-year-old boy was arrested in connection with the suspected death of an 8-year-old Madyson Middleton Monday, July 27, 2015, after a body believed to be hers was found in a dumpster in the coastal California city of Santa Cruz, police said.

Santa Cruz Police released this photo of Madyson in an attempt to generate leads in her case.

    Teen boy charged as adult in death of California girl, 8, found in recycling bin

    A 15-year-old boy has been charged as an adult with murdering and sexual assaulting an 8-year-old girl, whose body was found Monday in a recycling bin after she went missing in Santa Cruz, California, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

  • 11811570_1018835864794729_4759796102181479928_n

    Illinois dentist asks for ‘viral help’ in search of massive tooth balloon

    A massive balloon is on the loose, and an Illinois dentist is asking for help. All Smiles Dental in Algonquin, Illinois, located northwest of Chicago, reached out to the internet when their giant tooth balloon escaped.  They dentist office was asking for “some viral help” to find “Mickey Molar,” their balloon mascot. The Facebook plea was posted Friday afternoon, July 24, 2015. Two days later, the office wrote a thank you to those who were helping look for “Mickey.” “Mickey” […]

  • As the economy has improved, more Millennials have jobs than they did five years ago, yet more of them are living at home now, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center. Some research points to student loan debt as another culprit.

    Millennials have jobs, but still live with mom and dad

    It might seem shameful to previous generations, but Millennials are in no rush to move out of mom and dad's -- even after they've landed jobs.


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