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  • Chewbacca

    Woman laughs hysterically at herself in Chewbacca mask

    “It’s the simple joys in life.” That was the caption Candace Payne wrote to go with a Facebook Live video after she brought home a Chewbacca mask on Thursday. “I’d like to say that I bought this for my son that would really, really want it. And let’s be honest, he’ll probably confiscate it from me. … He’ll probably take it from me. However, this is mine. At the end of the day, this is mine that I bought and […]

  • child-injured1

    Baby falls out of car as shoplifting suspects speed away from Target store

    A baby girl was rushed to the hospital Thursday afternoon after Kansas City police say the child and a young woman rolled out of a speeding getaway car.

  • john deere logo

    John Deere sees continual drop in sales

    John Deere is seeing a drop in sales worldwide.

  • Cop on a Rooftop, WQAD photo from 2015 fundraiser.

    Police collect donations in exchange for free donuts in Moline

    For the benefit of Special Olympics Illinois, cops in Moline are taking part in the "Cop on a Rooftop" fundraiser.

  • fire firefighter

    $120,000 grant will help get Clinton, IA fire stations up to code

    The Clinton Fire Department is getting almost $120,000 in grant money from a grant.  Firefighters plan to make improvements to their stations. Firefighters found out about the grant on Friday morning, May 20, 2016. The $119,737, which is coming from the Assistant to Firefighters Grant, will be used to buy fire suppression equipment, according to a statement from Representative Dave Loebsack’s office. Fire station No. 2 in Clinton is the only one that is fully protected, according to a statement from […]

  • bridgecollapse-jpeg

    Dramatic photos: Overpass collapses onto Oklahoma City expressway

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A large section of an Oklahoma City overpass pancaked down onto an expressway Thursday, May 19, 2016. Initial reports indicate the bridge collapsed around 2:40 p.m. after a tractor-trailer heading westbound crashed into the bridge, according to KFOR. The driver of the truck told police he passed under the other side of the bridge earlier with no issue. City officials say it’s not uncommon for one half of a bridge to be marked a different height than […]

  • police lights

    Police cracking down on seatbelt violations, impaired drivers during Memorial Day

    There will be extra officers out on the roads for the last half of May, particularly around Memorial Day weekend.

  • Beastie Boys

    Founding Beastie Boys member John Berry dies at 52

    Founding Beastie Boys member John Berry has died at the age of 52.

  • 3b

    ‘World’s most Instagrammed coffee’ is served in an ice cream cone

    Is this the world’s most Instagrammed coffee? That’s the claim made by Dayne Levinrad, the barista behind the Coffee In a Cone craze sweeping South Africa. Since launching in January, nearly 1 million images with the #coffeeinacone hashtag have been liked on the picture-sharing social media site. But while the idea is simple — serve coffee in an ice cream cone lined with chocolate — Levinrad says the science behind his creation is not. The holy trinity? When Johannesburg-born Levinrad […]

  • momsvoice

    Study: Mom’s voice works like a charm on your brain

    Less than one second. That’s how long it takes children to recognize their mother’s voice. And that voice lights a child’s brain up like a Christmas tree. A new study from Stanford University School of Medicine studied how children reacted to mom’s voice compared to a woman they didn’t know. Kids were not only more engaged by mom’s voice than a stranger’s, scientists found, but this response was noted beyond just auditory areas of the brain. Parts of the brain […]

  • jiffy-lube-damaged-car

    Man says all 4 wheels of SUV fell off after Jiffy Lube brake job

    A man’s Facebook post about an alleged “bad brake job” at a Jiffy Lube in Bakersfield, California that resulted in his vehicle being totaled has gone viral. Carl Brewer’s ordeal began when he took his Toyota 4Runner to be serviced at the chain’s Oak Street location for a routine brake replacement on May 12 after dropping off his toddler, he told local television station KERO Wednesday. The technician replaced the brakes, then took the SUV out for a test drive. While […]

  • promo288013696

    ALDI Grocery Giveaway – Patty Swanson

    Patty Swanson of Sherrard, Illinois was selected as a winner in our Grocery Giveaway. Patty was given 90 seconds to fill her cart with groceries at ALDI in Moline.


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